Accommodation Guide for Solo Travelers in Melbourne


Some people love to travel the whole world and Australia is one place that never gets missed in their journey. The travelers who are comfortable with their journey alone can easily fit into many places with varied options. For all the travel lovers, there are special arrangements made by online portals, local residents, and hotels to stay and enjoy the accommodation in Melbourne.

1.  Couch surfing – The best way is to join the couch surfers group on the website and find the hosts who can provide free accommodations to the travelers. The hosts love the company of travelers and vice versa. In return, they may spend a good time till the solo traveler is staying the host’s place. The solo traveler having less baggage and easy to move can be considered reliable and better option.

2.  Local residencies – Rather than going for luxurious hotels, it’s best to stay with local residents who charge very nominal amount for stay and can also guide to move around the city in their own vehicles. The costs involved for stay and travel in the city with the local resident is extremely low. It is also reliable to be with the person who knows in & out of the city and dwelling there for years. This gives a personal touch to have understanding of the culture and one can carry memories along with the fun.

2.  Hotels – There are several hotels located in Melbourne which can provide easy accommodation at lower prices with good facilities. The solo travelers can enjoy their stay and other facilities. Some of them are:-

3.  City Centre Budget Hotel – This is among the finest hotels in Melbourne located at Collins Street with ample facilities at lower prices. They have a very friendly staff that gels easily and shows cooperation at every step. It is a memorable experience to stay there.

4.  Wyndham Hotel – This hotel has got ideal location for stay and is well connected by major transportation system. With all the modern facilities, they have very affordable prices and uninterrupted service to all the customers. The food arrangement is excellent at this place.

5.  The Como Melbourne – MGallery Collection – It is located at Chappel Street, one of the busiest places in the city surrounded by many fashion stores and restaurants for enjoying the stay. The bars & pubs are located at an arm’s length and hence have very competitive prices.


Apart from hotels and local residencies, one can also opt for PGs which charge lesser amount when staying in groups. The people from different areas may come and stay in government PGs or hostels at highly affordable prices.