Four Gluten Free Meals To Eat Buffet Catering

With gluten allergies becoming so common, there have been a rise in the options of gluten free meals. Yet, sometimes, you may want a change in what you are eating. Here are four gluten free meals to not only eat and enjoy, but they are also healthy! So here best gluten free food in Sydney that you should make!

Salmon with vegetables. Not only is salmon a healthy option, but it also offers healthy fatty acids and is a source of vitamin D. There are several ways in which you can cook salmon, depending on what you like. You can make it crispy, grilled, or you can make super soft, almost like a melt in your mouth salmon. Either way, you can change it up so youre not always eating the same thing. Also, don’t forget to add a garnish, or even some lemon on top to give it that added flavour. For the veggies, you can just steam them mixed with some salt and pepper and voila.

Quinoa mixed with vegetables and or meat. Quinoa is a great option, it offers an excellent alternative to wheat and gluten. Quinoa is rich in protein, while still keeping you healthy and fuller for longer. So you while you are cooking the quinoa in a rice cooker, on a skillet, with olive oil, stir up some veggies to cook, then once the veggies are cooked to your liking, add the quinoa and you have an excellent gluten free meal option!

Grilled shrimp with rice. If you are a seafood lover, this one is great for you. Start with cooking the rice in a rice cooker or over a stove top, then just before the rice is done cooking, grill up the shrimp, and add a couple of herbs and spices to the mix. It is also an easy option if going for a night out!

Chicken and and mashed potatoes or cauliflower. Chicken is a great source of protein and can give you the energy that you need for the day. Mashed potatoes are gluten free, but if you are cooking at home and looking for a carb free option, there is also the alternative, which is mashed cauliflower, has the same look and with a few added spices, can taste similar to potatoes!

So whether you are eating in or heading for a night out, there are plenty of options for people needing a gluten free option, including gluten free pizza in Sydney and bread!

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