Three Of The Best “Fifth” Date Ideas

So you’ve reached the fifth date. This is a big one. There is always talk about the third date, but after this, the fifth date is next big one. You would have been comfortable with the person now, enjoying their company and getting to know them. You’ll also be stuck with the struggles of thinking about what to do. There is not a lot of pressure anymore to do something amazing, but there is something there to prove that things are getting serious or turning a corner. So what do you do?

Well, we have that problem sorted for you. After speaking to We Click – the best in speed dating in Melbourne – for ideas, they provided us with some wonderful ideas. From then, we condensed it into the three best fifth date ideas for you. For more speed dating Melbourne reviews, click on the link.

Casual Coffee

Why would you go on a coffee on the fifth date? Yes, it might sound unfancy and dull, but it highlights something else in the relationship: that you are comfortable to talk in a casual easy manner without any pressures of the “dating” world. You can be yourselves and be cool about it. There are no expectations or demands during this coffee catch up. If you think that you can be this cool as apart of your relationship then go for it!

A Romantic Dinner 

Sometimes a little spark is needed for the fifth date. So why not go all out and organise a romantic dinner? We don’t mean that you have to blow all your budget in one go on an expensive meal; we are referring to organising to the whole show. Get some flowers or chocolates, choose a place that you both love to eat and visit, and reserve the spot. It might seem like a lot of work, but it will worth in the long run in terms of the relationship with your date.

Hotel Night 

Okay, we are getting into serious territory here. A hotel night might be super suggestive, but it something exciting and amazing if you both agree to do it. Look for a hotel that is going to be in your budget range, will offer you special deals and will guarantee that you can enjoy all the little extra around the hotel. Don’t spring this date as a surprise on the person; discuss it with them first, so you both have a firm idea about what is going to happen, and how you are going to go through it. If you are looking for top Melbourne restaurant, Contact with us.

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